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Good for your Body. Good for a Smile.

I LOVE Zumba.

I've been a group fitness instructor since 1986 (imagine shiny spandex and leg warmers and Reeboks). Over the years, I've taught high- and low- impact aerobics, step, group cycling and muscle conditioning. I enjoyed these fitness formats but I never forgot for one minute that they were workouts. I worked hard, physically and mentally, every single second of every one of these classes. I probably didn't smile much at the time.
Zumba Fitness is different. If you haven't tried it or know what it is about, do a Google search. There are dozens of classes each week in gyms and churches and dance schools in neighborhoods across the globe.  Go and visit a class and watch what happens when the music starts.

Zumba found me after I had "retired" from teaching and was traveling a lot, with regular appearances on QVC and leading project teams based in Massachusetts and Tokyo and Sidney. I had been to a demo at a local gym and thought it was fun, but it was mor…

April 1. Time to Get Started.

You may ask if 2011 is my year to make changes, live dangerously and follow my bliss, then why did I wait until the end of March to start this blog?

Good question.

After so many years in the corporate world, I still think in quarters. Consider January 1 to March 31 quarter 1, fiscal year 2011. I spent these first 90 days or so tying up loose ends.
I worked the corporate job until the end of January.I went on a couple of job interviews and spoke with recruiters about my "stellar" resume and what I wanted to do next.I cleaned my house like Martha Stewart on crack.I bid on 2 used American Girl dolls for KnittedByH.A.N.D. and rephotographed and remerchandised the Etsy Shop and launched parallel shops on ArtFire and Zibbet.I played with the dolls.I baked cookies and cakes, and made a lot of soups.I ramped up my Zumba teaching schedule from 3 to 9 classes per week.I dabbled in some pro-bono social media and ecommerce consulting.I broke ground on a new direct sales business (more on…

2011. My Year of Living Dangerously

I am not learning to sky dive, ride a motorcycle or drive a mile with the gas gauge on E. Nonetheless, this is my year of living dangerously. I left a 6-figure corporate job -- that was wrong on so many levels -- in pursuit of happiness.
I slipped the golden handcuffs.I escaped from cubicle prison.I am following my bliss.I am woefully under-employed.GASP! Go ahead and clutch those pearls. I have never done anything so irresponsible in my entire life! I am the ever the good girl. I eat my vegetables, return my library books on time, recycle. I'm in bed by 10pm and take my vitamins every day. I have worked at least 2 jobs since I was 14. So why am I taking this leap? Well future posts will go into more detail, but in the meantime I'll use this chestnut:
"If not now, when?"Two of the most important and influential women in my life -- my Mom, Bernice, and my Gran, Helen No. 1 -- died at the age of 61. 61! They were good girls too. They worked hard and produced some pretty …