April 1. Time to Get Started.

You may ask if 2011 is my year to make changes, live dangerously and follow my bliss, then why did I wait until the end of March to start this blog?

Good question.

After so many years in the corporate world, I still think in quarters. Consider January 1 to March 31 quarter 1, fiscal year 2011. I spent these first 90 days or so tying up loose ends.
  • I worked the corporate job until the end of January.
  • I went on a couple of job interviews and spoke with recruiters about my "stellar" resume and what I wanted to do next.
  • I cleaned my house like Martha Stewart on crack.
  • I bid on 2 used American Girl dolls for KnittedByH.A.N.D. and rephotographed and remerchandised the Etsy Shop and launched parallel shops on ArtFire and Zibbet.
  • I played with the dolls.
  • I baked cookies and cakes, and made a lot of soups.
  • I ramped up my Zumba teaching schedule from 3 to 9 classes per week.
  • I dabbled in some pro-bono social media and ecommerce consulting.
  • I broke ground on a new direct sales business (more on that later).
...and started this blog. In project management terms; my first quarter was the Discovery phase of my adventure. Beginning April 1, we start Planning.

Love, Lelly

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