Back to School

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Weather-wise, with the exception of a little weekend storm called Irene, it has been one for the record books. I confess that I’ve spent a great many gorgeous sunny days in a lounge chair on my front porch. Legs stretched out with novel (thriftily borrowed from the public library) and a handful of SourPatch Kids at the ready, half of me felt really guilty, the other half really didn’t give a crap. After all, this journey is about happiness, right? About doing what I want to do when I want to do it? Great. I’ll log my porch time as ‘working on my tan’ and ‘cultivating cavities.’ I really need both. Wrinkled, leathery skin and rotted teeth!

Oh I know. I’m being mindful and present even while in a sugar-induced haze on that lounge chair. Mm hmmm... I’m working on healing my inner self. Getting to my center... zzzzzzzzz

It’s Back to School time my friends. The time of year that still excites my inner little Lelly. Corduroy and tights on an 85-degree day, textbooks covered in Stop N Shop bags and filled with unfamiliar words and pictures, the smell of ripening grape arbors on my walk to school. New notebooks. New teachers. New friends. New SHOES!

I’m heading out to my front porch in a minute. Today, however I’ll be rocking it Back to School Style. I’ll be cracking open a brand new notebook and using a freshly sharpened pencil to work on the following homework assignment. They are essay questions.
  1. What is it that I’m really wanting in my life right now?
  2. WHY am I wanting this?
  3. What’s standing in my way of moving forward into this?
  4. What inner pieces are calling to be seen, to be heard right now? 
Oh and instead of stiff corduroy and scratchy tights I’ll be wearing a hat AND sunscreen.

Love, Lelly

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