Take the path that will make you happy

Take the path that will make you happy
When I started this blog in 2011, I was a few months into my “year of living dangerously.” No, I didn’t take up fire juggling or apply for a spot on “Naked and Afraid.” I simply quit a shitty job without a new place to land. OK maybe not as exciting as wading across an aligator-laden river wearing nothing but mosquito bites, but to me it was crazy scary. No salary. No safety net. Just me, my modest savings acoount, a quest for happiness and desire to live my life fully.

I stepped off the career path to have a look at what was around (and within) me.

There were times when my path to happy seemed to stall or go off in some pretty batshit nutty directions (like when I thought it would be a great idea to take out a huge loan and buy a gym), but at the end I emerged a new woman. Just as my savings account had dwindled down to about 1.5 mortgage payments, I returned to corporate life refreshed and reinvigorated. I was also madly in love with a twinkly-eyed, smart-ass of a man who I wouldn’t have had the time, patience or energy to meet had I not taken my year to do things a bit differently.

My detour off the path led me to the exact right place.

Love, Lelly

P.S. I recommend “Should You Take a Sabbatical? 3 Women Weigh In” by Meghan Lazier for additional perspectives on the benefits of taking a break from full-time work.

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